About Us

Accreditation Founded
Founder: Sam Spridgeon




Date: July 2017

Green Washrooms was created after realising that the education sector needed to improve on its current eco-standards in the washrooms. The Accreditation was set up and we are now proud to help schools take care of their impact on the environment.

Partnership with Chespack Hygiene

Date: November 2017

Chespack Hygiene share the same ethos as the Green Washrooms movement and therefore were perfect partners. They now support schools by providing free-on-loan "Zero-Waste" Washroom systems which allow schools to achieve the accreditation.

The Journey Begins
Goal: Over 1000 Schools in the UK carrying the Green Washroom Accreditation

Want to take the first step on the ladder to a greener future for the education sector?
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Reduced Deforestation

Allowing the planet to regenerate and reduce its carbon dioxide levels

Reducing Our Carbon Footprint

Reducing use of product lead to less transport needed therefore reducing CO2 emissions,

Improving Hygiene Standards

Using a top rated system such as Pura increases the hygiene standard of all washrooms

Community Engagement

Showing everyone in your local area that your school is committed to helping their children's future