What is The Green Washroom Award?

The Green Washroom Award

The Green Washroom Award will be given to any school which shows the initiative to reduce it waste in their washrooms, adopts the correct systems to enable them to control their wastage and uses a sustainable and trusted supplier.

There are 3 main factors that will need to be up to standard:

  1. A "Zero-Waste" Paper System must be installed - The one that we recommend is the Pura system due to the design and that all products are Eco-Flower Accredited.
  2. Foam Soap Dispensers - Foam soap is a must to help reduce the use of water in the washrooms, again this can all be provided for free-on-loan by our partners Chespack Hygiene.
  3. Sustainable Products - All products used in the washroom must carry to correct, sustainable standards. This includes being FSC certified.


Arrange Your Audit

Arrange Audit

Fill in our contact form and we will be in touch to book in the initial visit and audit your current washroom techniques/products.

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Install Dispensers

Our partners Chespack Hygiene will conduct a site survey, supply the dispensers after a loan agreement is signed and then install them for free.

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Receive Accreditation

Once you have got up to standard with the dispensing units and products we will be able to accredit the school with this achievement

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Goal: 1000 Schools across the UK
Green Washroom Accredited

Our goal by 2021 is to get 1000 schools, colleges, academies & universities accredited to the Green Washroom standard.
This will ensure that at least 1362 Delivery trips are saved, 6782 Hours are saved for cleaning operatives through not having to clean up waste and refil dispensers as much and 256,783 Hand Towels are saved from being wasted.


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